Terms and Conditions


Upon entrusting electronic devices for repair, the client hereby provides Repair Zone with explicit authorization to conduct thorough assessments, evaluate damages, and furnish detailed estimates regarding repair costs and projected completion timelines. All repairs are performed on-site, alleviating customers’ concerns about transporting devices and data to other locations.The data recovered from devices submitted for data recovery service is retained in Repair Zone’s facility for up to three days, after which it is permanently deleted.

Legal Rights:

The client asserts their legal ownership or duly authorized representation of all property, data, and components delivered to Repair Zone. Any devices left unclaimed for a period exceeding 90 days may be subject to disposition to cover incurred company expenses. Additionally, Repair Zone expressly disclaims responsibility for any data stored on devices submitted for repair.

Returns Policy:

Repair Zone maintains a returns policy allowing for product returns within a 3-day window from the date of purchase, with store credit being the exclusive form of reimbursement. No refunds are provided. Notably, no warranty coverage extends to items damaged by water, and Repair Zone solely addresses reported faults without additional diagnostics unless specifically requested by the customer.

Returns are accepted exclusively with a valid receipt.


Repair Zone extends a comprehensive warranty of up to 90 days on repaired devices, encompassing both labor and manufacturer-related faults. However, Repair Zone expressly disclaims any warranties related to data, whether implied or express.


Repair Zone exclusively accepts payments via domestic debit cards, credit card transactions are not accepted. There is no diagnostic fee if requested prior to repair initiation. Work commences on a device only subsequent to Repair Zone’s communication with the customer regarding the proposed pricing structure.

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